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  • Gorgeous music! Thank you Bruce - you all sound exquisitely beautiful. A very Merry Christmas to you!
    Joy on Cape Cod @Fopianojoy (Twitter)
  • Good morning, Bruce! Just a note to tell you what a blessing the virtual choir song was to me. On days when I wake up feeling like there's no hope for this country, I get out my Bible and put on my EVC music and my soul and spirit are lifted once again. I just listened to the "Even in the Valley" CD that ends with "How Great Thou Art!" Oh yes! That's what I needed!
    Norma B
  • @EstVallChorale Loved being able to read the words as the BEAUTIFUL song played. the Sound of Music popped into my head when they started to sing. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Bruce
    Patricia Gunn-Hall, Twitter
  • Hi Bruce, I was just listening to my EVC Pandora station. I was thinking about how much you must be missing everything about EVC during this strange, disconnected time we are enduring. I want you to know that the music that you folks created and shared continues to bless and encourage people. Thanks!
  • About the song, “I Am Not Alone” (from An Awesome Love, CD): Very powerful! I stayed up late playing the song over and over again, weeping and praising the Lord. I’m learning to praise the Lord during the storm….
    Gina, Texas
  • Referring to 'God Did it All' CD: Sure love this CD
    Julie, Florida
  • Thank you, Bruce! Your new East Valley Chorale and Orchestra CD is a wonderful blessing!
    The songs are beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for this precious gift to uplift
    and encourage our souls. May God continue to bless this great ministry!
    Melissa, Pennsylvania
  • About ‘An Awesome Love’ CD: I’ve been listening to the CD turned down quietly at night,
    playing it on repeat, falling asleep to it and waking to hear it in the morning.
    I love the angelic voices. Such a blessing!
    Melody, California
  • Referring to ‘An Awesome Love’ CD: Listening to East Valley Chorale this Morning
    & Worshipping our Glorious Lord! I don’t think I’ve ever played a CD this much!
    Loving it! It’s so anointed.
    Gina, Texas
  • Good morning Bruce, just wanted to let you know that “Total Praise” and “Give me Jesus” is on repeat these days before I go to work. I love and appreciate your music..
    Lyn, California
  • I entered another world for 60 minutes. Absolute beauty and peace. The news of the day melted away.
    James D.
  • I'd like you to know that East Valley Chorale music is my constant companion on my trips to Arlington each week. In good traffic, it's about an hour and ten minutes trip. I can get through a CD and still have a little quiet time, too. Love them all.
    Cindy Newcomb
  • The CD came today and I listened to it two times. As usual, it was so wonderful and typical of your concerts. It is always easy to understand the words the choir sings and the music has such beautiful harmony and well balanced. Perhaps I will get to hear you in person when I return in the Fall or at Christmas.
    Evelyn Fuller
  • My CD player is in my kitchen.  The prayer song – ‘A little more like You’ – starts my day.
    Rosalie  Dolittle
  • I imagine that you are sleeping as I send this email but I couldn't wait. It never ceases to amaze me how that God clearly gives me the topic for each week, then the scriptures to share and then the perfect songs to compliment that message. I went ahead and opened the CD, Even In The Valley and added it to the Call To Worship library. As I was cataloging the songs, I realized that How Great Thou Art is the song I was looking for to complete the program on the topic of "IMPOSSIBLE". I almost cried as I listened to the song and realized that God's 'finger prints' were all over the timing of this moment.
    Gary Roby
  • Thank you to all the singers and orchestra for the wonderful Christmas music on Sunday night. It is one I look forward to every year when I come to AZ. The people that I bring that evening also look forward to it. It was a wonderful night that I would have sat through again at the church. Thank you for all your hard work to accomplish this night of praise.
    Mark Dykstra
  • I did receive a copy of the CD by mail. Have played and replayed it numerous times this Summer. It always soothes my soul. Thanks
    Henry Diedrich
  • This is for those of us that love choral music. It is a place to practice beautiful music with an excellent director and great musicians. But more than that, it is a family of Christians who care about music and each other......
    Jack Luce, Singer
  • This is the avenue of opportunity for the Chorale to minister to those around our community about Christ and God's Love through music. This Group is Family to me - I hate it whenever I have to miss either practices or concerts.
    Peggy Gilbertson, Singer